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Plush Inside Thick Warm Zipper Hoodies

Plush Inside Thick Warm Zipper Hoodies

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Experience ultimate warmth and comfort with our Plush Inside Thick Warm Zipper Hoodies. The plush interior lining provides extra insulation, keeping you cozy during the colder seasons. The durable zipper ensures a secure fit, while the thick material provides long-lasting warmth. Stay stylish and snug in our hoodies.

Designed by CLOTHERN

Estimated Delivery Time: USA-6/10 Days, EU-5/9 Days.

NOTE: When ordering the product, please refer to the size chart instead of your normal body measurements.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Maureen Reynolds

The color is nice the material a little strange, I have just got the size if it is okay, I will wash it to see if it is that it is removed as it is tender

Lewis Schaefer

The quality of the zipper is quite poor, the rest is very good! Is warm

Breanne Hermann

Quality a litle less than store boight clothes but very warm and nice

Edna King

It is okay if it is warm I like it but it is made as hairy and only the eh used once

Dolores Reichel

For the cost of benefit is very worthwhile, I have 1,15 bust and it has become quite baggy. The hood is double, the coat has a very good fuzzy forró. I washed the machine, dried it in the dryer and it was the same. The only point that I did not like is the metal zipper.

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